• Starting Dosages by milligram (mg)

  • Methods for Humans


    With a 1000 mg oil, one half-dropper serving is about 17 mg of CBD. Use this serving size, twice per day, for the first week, and then increase or decrease your daily dosage as needed. With 2500 mg tinctures, however, one half-dropper serving delivers a much higher dose of CBD. Tempe Organics suggests using this larger dose carefully.


    Apply a dime-sized amount to the area of pain, stiffness, or dryness, and then gently rub it into your skin. Use every six hours or as needed. With topicals, the CBD does not enter your bloodstream. It works with the CB2 receptors in your epidermis to alleviate inflammation and other painful conditions.


    With 20 mg capsules, start your regimen with one per day, usually taken in the morning. If you're not consuming other CBD products during the day, you may need to take another capsule after 12 hours to maintain the positive effects of CBD.


    With 20 mg gummies, for example, start with one gummy every 12 hours. If you are not consuming other CBD products during the day, you may need another gummy later in the day or at night in order to achieve the desired effects of the CBD isolate.


    For most low-dosage vapes, start with three normal inhales, and wait 30 minutes to fully feel the effects, and then inhale more as needed.


    Suck the pick at first. Then chew the pick liberally until you have released and consumed all of its infused CBD.



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