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    We're so glad you've stopped by! My name is Maria Vassett, and my partner is Chad Day. We've been studying and testing Cannabidiol (CBD) for quite some time and understand that there is a lot of misinformation out there, so much so that it's hard to tell the difference between CBD and products made with only hemp seed oil, and how to know if what you're buying is the real thing or not. People continue to tell us that they are overwhelmed not knowing the actual facts about CBD. Many have had the same bad experiences, such as trying a balm or vape somebody gave them or buying a tincture at a farmers' market, and later finding no relief. So they begin to think that CBD is perhaps a snake oil.


    After hearing too many of these stories, Chad and I decided that we wanted to provide customers with correct, trustworthy information about buying authentic CBD products. We also wanted to offer different ways to enjoy your CBD, for some methods are better for you and your pets than for others. Our site explains, for example, the importance of Certificates of Analysis from third-party testing, and we provide a Glossary of CBD Terms to help you with the differences between CBD isolates, broad spectrum, and full spectrum, among other important CBD issues. You'll also find numerous links to reputable government research on CBD. In fact, we're proud to present a full CBD knowledge base, as well as the best-value organic-hemp CBD products for purchase. Plus, we have included a handy CBD calculator to help you decide your own starting doses and how much you should give your pets.


    We're excited to earn your trust with reliable information about the fast-growing world of legal CBD, a plethora of scholarly CBD research and science, and a variety of high-quality CBD selections for your and your pets' health and wellness.


    We believe in the natural goodness of CBD for you and your pets, and we think you will too.


    Tempe Organics is owned and operated, with care, by family therapist Maria Vassett, BS, BHT II, and Prof. Chad Day, PhD.

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