• Starting Dosages by milligram (mg)

    For dogs and cats, most vets recommend using one (1) mg of CBD per 10 lbs. at first.


    Example 1: Your anxious dog weighs 23 lbs. You should begin with 2 mg of CBD,

    and observe her behavior for the first hour. If it seems to have little effect,

    then give her another mg. This 2-3 mg serving should soothe her

    for 4-6 hours, depending upon the severity of her condition.


    Example 2: Your senior dog weighs 57 lbs. and has joint pain and mobility issues.

    You should start with a 5-6 mg serving of CBD, and watch his behavior and

    movements in the first hour. If he does not seem to respond, then give

    him another mg for good measure. This 6-7 mg dose should help

    him move about with less pain for 4-6 hours.


    Example 3: Your new rescue kitty weighs 11 lbs. She runs and rips around your

    house all night, tearing through anything not tied down. You could start

    with 1 mg of CBD before your own bedtime, and see if she lets you

    sleep in peace. If she still wakes you, then give her another mg.

    This 1-2 mg starting dose should calm her for 4-6 hours.


    At Tempe Organics, we offer user-friendly snacks and treats with pre-measured amounts

    of no-THC CBD. Just count the number of chews needed per 10 lbs. of your pet's weight,

    and you're good to go! With our CBD-isolate tinctures, in order to measure 1 mg of CBD,

    you will need to count five (5) drops of oil per 10 lbs. to start.

  • Methods for Pets


    With CBD-isolate tinctures, you can deliver the recommended dosage by mouth, or you can add it to their food. With these drops, follow the recommended per-pound dosage, but avoid under-dosing your pets.


    With CBD-isolate and PCR snacks and treats, be sure to follow the recommended per-pound dosage. If your pets do not respond within 60 minutes, then don't be afraid to give them another chew for good measure.


    Apply a dime-sized amount to the area of pain, stiffness, or dryness, and then gently rub it into their skin. Apply every 4-6 hours or as needed. Pet topicals are formulated to be safe for consumption also.



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