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    Did you know that CBD has been researched and studied as serious medicine since 1940?


    To date, more than 350 research articles have been published on the effectiveness of CBD for the treatment of more than 50 conditions. See our Science section for more about how it can help you.



    CBD = Cannabidiol, one of the 100+ cannabinoids naturally occurring in hemp flowers and stalks.
    "Hemp Infused" and "Hemp" = not necessarily synonymous with CBD. Products with these labels may not contain CBD at all. These labels are more advertising trickery than fact. Always look for CoAs.


    Recommended CBD dosages depend on your or your pet's body weight and desired therapy.
    Dosage guidelines vary with your preferred method of medical delivery: sublingual tinctures, topicals, digestibles, chewables, and inhalants.


    CBD extracted from hemp is non-psychoactive, which means that it will not make you high.
    CBD has been proven safe and effective for all animals
    with an endocannabinoid system, which means that
    you and your pets will naturally benefit.
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  • Happy Customers

  • Kelli P.

    Tempe Organics was my first introduction to CBD. I asked the owners, Maria and Chad, about the right products

    to help myself and my family sleep better. They took the time to ask me what I needed and why I needed it,

    educated me about available CBD products, and helped me choose the best fit for my family. We are all

    sleeping so much better now! Their customer service is incredible . . .

    Jen B.

    I gave my demon cat a CBD cat treat last night, and he didn't torture me, so that's a WIN! One of my other

    mellow cats who has joint issues helped himself to one, and I haven't seen him move like that in a long time!

    Love Tempe Organics for carrying CBD cat treats . . .

    Will S.

    My back pain sucks! I go to a chiropractor for short term release and stretch for some sort of pain relief.

    I'm trying not to take a lot of Tylenol or other pain meds. A friend of mine buys CBD from Maria and

    gave me her number. She recommended the balm and a gel cap every day. It's been taking the edge

    off the pain, so I'll continue use it . . .

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