Dog Spray -- PHX Naturals
Dog Spray -- PHX Naturals
PHX Naturals CBD Pet Spray

Peanut Butter Flavor

500 mg of CBD Isolate

Zero THC

2 oz. bottle
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PHX Naturals CBD Pet Spray -- Peanut Butter
500 mg of CBD Isolate per 2 oz. bottle
PHX Naturals has designed an excellent CBD product for your pets.
Simply spray on your pets' food, on their paws, in their water, or directly into their mouth.
They will love the peanut butter flavoring, and the CBD goodness that comes with it.
Dosage directions:
Small dog (20 pounds or less) = 1-2 pumps
Medium dog (20-50 pounds) = 2-3 pumps
Large dog (50+ pounds) = 3+ pumps
Shake well before use, and keep out of direct sunlight.
Ingredients: Organic-Hemp CBD Isolate, MCT oil, and artificial and natural flavorings (may contain trace amounts of peanut matter, so do not take if allergic to nuts).
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