• Happy Customers

    Kelli P.

    Tempe Organics was my first introduction to CBD. I asked the owners, Maria and Chad, about the right products to help myself and my family sleep better. They took the time to ask me what I needed and why I needed it, educated me about available CBD products, and helped me choose the best fit for my family. We are all sleeping so much better now! And their customer service is incredible. I really can't recommend Tempe Organics enough!

    Trent V.

    Buy from Tempe Organics!!!! They give you really fair prices. I checked out the same CBD products at a dispensary and Tempe Organics' prices are lower. Plus, Maria and Chad are just really cool people and know what they're talking about.

    Jen B.

    I gave my demon cat a CBD cat treat last night, and he didn't torture me, so that's a WIN! One of my other mellow cats who has joint issues helped himself to one, and I haven't seen him move like that in a long time! Love Tempe Organics for carrying CBD cat treats and for knowing what they're talking about.

    Andrea M.

    I've used CBD for more than a year to help with my social anxiety. It has always worked for me but I never knew if I was spending too much at my local dispensary. I'm lucky I found Tempe Organics since they have the same brands and quality CBD tinctures at much better prices. I highly recommend their PHX Naturals line. It's even better CBD than Charlotte's Web, and half the price!

    Chris B.

    We got a dog through a rescue and he was tearing everything up after we would leave for work. I saw post from Maria about CBD on Lucky Dog Rescue foster page and messaged her. I know Maria from hiring her to photograph our family and dogs, and I really liked the way she interacted with my kids and dogs, so I felt that I could trust her. She agreed that George was probably suffering from separation anxiety. I didn't want to use prescriptions from the vet until I had tried other things. I tried the pumpkin CBD dog treats and they really helped! George is more calm through the day and is NOT tearing things up when we leave. We love Tempe Organics for helping and being honest.

    Michelle T.

    I've been trying to quit smoking for a long time. I've tried Chantix, but hated the Chantix nightmares I would have. I tried nicotine gum and the patch but never stuck with it. I've been using Juuls, but I struggle with quitting that too. My friend sent me to Tempe Organics and Maria suggested I try a CBD vape pen to see if it would help with my withdrawals. After trying it a few times, I realized I'm not using the Juul as much. The zero-THC CBD vape has given me confidence that I might be able to quit nicotine for good! Fingers crossed!

    Nancy N.

    I had heard of CBD before from friends who used it, but I didn't believe it could really help my arthritis. Then a friend said she bought CBD balm from her friend who is a professor and owns Tempe Organics and that it really worked. I tried some of hers and ordered my own. I called "the professor", and Chad walked me through how some of their CBD products would help me without the side effects I was having with prescription meds. He was really friendly and very knowledgeable. He took his time and explained the difference between the different products and helped me with my worries about taking hemp. I feel very comfortable buying from them knowing there is no push to buy all kinds of different things. He was very honest, and I appreciated that.

    Will S.

    My back pain sucks! I go to a chiropractor for short term release and stretch for some sort of pain relief. I'm trying not to take a lot of Tylenol or other pain meds. A friend of mine buys CBD from Maria and gave me her number. She recommended the balm and a gel cap every day. It's been taking the edge off the pain so I'll continue to use it. I'll probably buy the drops next since it's a faster relief. Thanks for all the pro information and not pushing me to buy things I won't need.




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